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Planted HOB thread.

I started this thread because of the interest I see from other members to start their own planted HOB.

The cascade 200 hob comes with an attachment that is perfect to be planted. Then the rest is adding media instead of their cartridges in the back. I'm sure you can make a lil mesh bag filled with soil and plant thru the mesh.

An hob resembles to me an hydroponic pot pot, it does get decent light too! Even in a low light tank!

this is my other planted HOB with baby tears I collected from a lake, invasive species... its better for it to be in my hob rather than in that lake:

In both HOBs I have there is fluval or eheim biomedia instead of the stuff (sponges or cartridges) that came with the hob. In top of the media there is a small square of sponge or pad (don't remember), in top of that moss and in top of the moss plants.

In one of the hob the moss goes all the way down to the substrate of the tank and the plants too.

When I clean the filter I just pull the plants and moss that is attached to that pad or sponge and fold back into the tank, go clean it, put it back in the tank and then unfold/ place the pad again in the same position, there is very little root growth into the media.

Now, because of the plants you will evaporate more water than your HOB already does normally. I was Surprised by this and I was looking around for leaks! Lol!

The HOBs can be noisier with their lids on, this is why I did this. To my surprise again, the plants provide excellent sound dampening.

please share you pictures and experience here

A heavily planted shrimp tank is possible!

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