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700 litre Rainbowfish home

I orginally posted this on the UK Aquatic Plant Society apologies if you have already seen it.

This is the smaller of my two display tanks. I just set this up last weekend:

45"x32"x30" approx

Lighting: LED lighting (Pacific Sun Metis).
Filtration: Eheim 2180
Circulation: Vortech MP10 ( maybe add another when I can afford it)
substrate: ADA Amazonia, dennerle and unipac black sand/gravel, tropica.
CO2: injection via TMC1500 diffuser
UV: Vectron 600
Hardscape: Manzanita wood and boulders/pebbles.

The empty tank in situ:

Starting the scaping:

The "looking a bit iffy" stage:

Positioning the branches:

The tanks planted and filled:

Now just waiting to settle in and grow.

PAR readings are good, the LEDs are reduced to 80% of power and producing ~40-50 micromols at substrate.


M.praecox "Pagai" F2s
M.sexlieata "Kiunga/Blaurucken"
M.muccullochi "Skull Creek"
G. kabia "Paro Village"
C. alleni "Sirwio"

Prolly a few SAEs and thinking about corys... maybe.

Hope you like.
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