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After much deliberation I finally took the undergravel filter out, and did some layering with the substrate. First I put 1/2 inch dirt, then a 1 inch layer of playground sand, then 2 inch layer of sand and gravel mix. Also the CO2 came in, and I installed a reactor which hooks up to an aquaclear 70. It works perfect! There were some issues with outgassing from the return spout to the sump, but stuffing some pillow casing into the output completely stopped all bubbles! The pH in the mornings before the lights come on is at 7.6, and the pH is set at 6.4 throughout the day. I have a constant kH of 2. So before lights come on my CO2 is about 1.5ppm, and when lights are on the CO2 is at 24ppm. Is there anything I should change with the way the pH is? I know plants like to have a little higher pH than this but I still want the CO2 to be in the optimum range. Pictures coming soon!
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