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ADA Mini S or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Hobby (Maybe).

So I'm gonna be frank with you guys, these past 6 months have sucked. I mean rolling-my-car-off-a-cliff kind of sucked. My passion for planted tanks had been waning prior, I had torn down my UG farm, stopped visiting the forums, but pulling a kickflip with my prius down a 50' embankment was the final straw. I sold all my tanks except for the 45-f, the true love of my aquaria life, and a 40 breeder that only managed to survive because taking it down would be more trouble than it was worth. I avoided the hobby for a few months, partly due to the crushing ennui it now inspired in me, but also because I got wrapped up in a new job. Then, one day a few weeks ago my mother uttered the fateful words that would see me being dragged kicking and screaming (Frank can attest to this) back in.

"I'd really like another small tank in my room." She said, staring at the 40 breeder ponderously.

(The "small tank" she was referring to was the old Mini-M that I had set up for her about 2 years ago as a birthday/mothers day gift, and had torn down in my great tank purge. She had lost interest in having it, I'd lost interest in caring for it, it's time had come)

I'm not going to lie, my initial reaction was something akin to this.

"But I'm out of the hobby!" I agonized to myself. "I don't want to deal with another tank!" "Well, maybe just a small one, if only I hadn't sold the mini-s..."

It's true, I had indeed sold the Mini-S, this exact Mini-S in fact, a few months back. I had waffled on the decision, but it came down to getting rid of either the -S or the -f, and the -f is going to win that battle every time. As fate would have it though, it turns out the guy I sold it to had never set it up, and graciously agreed to sell it back to me.

And with that, I had a tank.

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