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Baking is an exact science.

You can bake a cake two ways:

1- Buy all of the ingredients separate and follow a recipe reform scratch. Usually requires skills earned by practice, depending in the complexity of the cake.

2- buy a cake mix, add water and be done.

- most people won't be able to tell if they taste your "from scratch" and compare with the "ready mix", they will probably like more the ready mix despite your effort to make "the real deal".... Depending on the source or brand of your ingredients the cake would taste different, different oven...

Ada products are designed to work if you follow their method. This is like the ready mix.

You can buy your own ferts and create a dosing regime... Get your own substrate from your worm compost, make your own light... and figure it yourself. This is the "real deal" but that is not Frank's point here. He is just showing you how to do it, the way he knows.

Chloro... I would love to see your "how to master iwagumi" thread with your own method, I would love to follow and learn. Most of us realize that companies need to sell you stuff.
The rest of us will enjoy to invest in a "ready mix" to experience a successful iwagumi scape.

Sorry to spam.

A heavily planted shrimp tank is possible!
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