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It's been a few weeks, I suppose I will update this.

There had always been a couple tiny patches of BBA hiding with the glosso in this tank, but recently it has began to spread around. It seems to be avoiding most plants, growing on the rocks and i between the glosso where it can find room. I've been dosing about 17ml of h202 for the past few nights, keeping my filter sealed off. It doesn't seem to be responding, so I probably could have dosed more. But rather than going that route, I'm going to see what improved c02 levels and double dosing of excel does.

The ludwigia has really taken off, the wallichi has taken some time to adjust but the new growth on it is lovely.

I need to do some trimming... but heres a few rough shots of the tank. The glosso is growing very nicely in the excessively trimmed areas. Aromatica is growing back very thickly, and will likely dominate the wallichi unless I do something about it, either take it out or replace it...

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