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Originally Posted by Chlorophile View Post
Because most companies would be throwing their money away packaging those sorts of things.

And yes I crafted my statements with a purpose, but not to be argumentative.

As for people asking me to buy the products and test them myself, I have the facilities to perform thorough bioassays on the ADA products.
It's just a guess, but I think that's the last thing ADA wants or they would have data on their products.
That's why an American company couldn't sell these kinds of things, the majority of our companies don't have the kind of apple-esque appeal and following to turn a profit without proof, data, ingredient lists, msds, etc. (does ADA have msds sheets? Seems like they would have to have something like it)

But no I'm not going to buy them and test them, send me something and I'll ask some of my professors for greenhouse space.
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