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Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
Knowing that this group is a die hard bunch of fish keepers
hey!! i resemble that statement!!
Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
once your here, you might be able to get a ride with some of the various people here that regularly visit the LFSs within a 100 miles or so. There are a lot of good stores.
that's a given, the more we all get to know each other, the more we have been doing for each other. this is a great group of folks, you should have no problems finding whatever you need/want/desire. and if all else fails, there's always someone around here who "has a guy"

Originally Posted by DaveK View Post
You also have a decent public transportation system, so anything within, or just outside the city is accessible.
i agree with Dave here, we do have a decent public trans. system. just remember to wear a bullet proof vest at all seriously though, it is good and can get you anywhere in the city.
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