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Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
thank you sooo much! you have no idea how much help this thread has been tome and everyone else, and how much help it will be to everyone who reads it in the future! thank you!

i totally understand about the diffuser! makes so much sense!

ps. i do the visualizations too
I'm glad you have found great value here. This is the compilation work of years of experience, mostly doing things the hard way to figure out the easy way, and you get to benefit from it!

The next visualization:

Start in your mind with an empty aquarium, aquascape laid out, misted and ready for planting. Then play like a movie in your head the action of taking a pair of pincettes and planting every plant densely, following similar planting patterns found in this thread. What plants are you using? how will they grow together?

If you use riccia, visualize tying it to stones with riccia line, not mesh. Visualize tying moss to driftwood or small stones. Rinse and repeat once a day. Watch the aquarium grow in to your final picture over time like a movie.

P.S. if you've found these techniques valuable, help share the information with new comers by linking back here in your own journals when you use my techniques!
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