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Originally Posted by Brian Mc View Post
Thank you for the journal Frank, I am really enjoying it and have learned a lot already. Thanks for the tips on the glosso. Just wanted you to know that I am performing the visualizations as you have described, I believe in their power and just wanted you to know somebody was doing it lol.

Like Dollface I would like to see an analysis of her angle diagram or were you guys just pulling my leg here?
Hah! I will make an analysis of the diagram sooner or later. Rather I don't so much need to do one for myself: as I design with these angles in mind naturally (you'll get there too with practice, you just get an "eye," for what "feels," right with practice on principles of placement.

I'm glad someone is doing the visualizations! Maybe you'll inspire someone else to share if they've done them!

Originally Posted by Chrome View Post
Wow, I just compared the the pics from day 1 to today. Thats some amazing growth in 8 short days. Another 8 and the carpet should be completely filled in.
Thank you Chrome, anyone who follows the philosophy and skills described here is capable of the same. For the record: the layout has only been up since last friday (6 days). You can see in Dollface's post of progression how growth has gone "slow, slow slow, explode" the explosion phase is beginning.

Originally Posted by orchidman View Post
I see! Thankyou! I always wondered. I personally think the smaller ones look cooler.
Not a problem! It's important to remember that these products aren't designed with just aesthetic in mind: they are functional and made for a reason first and foremost, then the aesthetic applied after.

Originally Posted by 2wheelsx2 View Post
I followed along on this thread to see the scape development, but learned all kinds of stuff about spraybars flow inefficiencies vs lily pipes, planting carpeting plants like glosso and HC, the reason why I got an algae outbreak in the beginning with my ADA and how to trim my plants and do maintenance to the best advantage. Thanks for all of that.
I'm happy it's been of value to you! The previous post with the flow diagram I posted should be of extra value to you.

P.S. if you've found these techniques valuable, help share the information with new comers by linking back here in your own journals when you use my techniques!
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