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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
...Absolutely. Initially when plants are making the transition into a new aquarium, and are either A) making the transition from emmersed, or B ) were submerged but now have gone through the trauma of uprooting, trimming and planting, the most important factors are support of the beneficial bacteria (more oxygen at night), water change, and supporting root health & growth (additives).

Since the plants are all in a transition phase, for the first week their ability to take in nutrients, co2, etc is compromised, so we slowly, slowly start adding fertilizers and staging up co2 progression as needed.
This is so key IMO. You could flood your tank with co2, but the plants especially in an Iwagumi are only going to do so much, so you need to support the bacteria and keep the tank extremely clean organically. Carbon, purigen, etc are really good when the bio-filter is just too immature as well some of the ADA product or using other methods. Unfortunately I think too many think of co2 as an algaecide. It's really limited to plant growth and mass, so in an Iwagumi as well as at startup it's not enough.
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