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Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
The model used here is the Mini P-1 (10mm, Mini P-2 is 13mm), the smaller size is suitable for an ADA Mini-M or Mini S. The Mini P-2 suitable for a mini L, 45-F or 60-F. The primary advantage of the Mini P series is that it consolidates water flow into a strong stream. You can't see it in photos, but the push of the filter + the lily pipe is enough to bounce the water off the opposite corner of the tank, then to the opposite corner, then back to the intake without losing much momentum.

So flow goes origin (front left) - front right - back right - back left. This is important to know for co2 distribution, and is why I have the diffuser situated under the output. Another trick, to change co2 densities in the aquarium is to switch sides the co2 is on, which will affect plant growth rates and allow manipulation of how things grow.
Originally Posted by Francis Xavier View Post
Where the diffuser sits in the aquarium makes a massive difference to distribution effectiveness. For example in the 60-P at ADG, every 2 weeks we switch the side the diffuser and filtration are on, because the side OPPOSITE of the diffuser will grow thick and tall, while the side WITH the diffuser will stay shorter and not grow as quickly, due to how flow maneuvers co2 through the water before it's fully diffused.

So sometimes if you're experiencing problems with one side of the aquarium not fully growing like the other, simply switch where the diffuser and flow are.
Hm. I'm still somewhat confused on this... Since the CO2 is being dispersed all over the system (by the flow doing a loop around the aquarium) how does the density in different parts of the aquarium change? Wouldn't the diffused CO2 eventually distribute itself evenly throughout the system, or is it just that gaseous CO2 is more easily used by plants and results in better growth vs diffused CO2? Could you avoid this issue by just skipping the diffuser and going with something like a reactor?
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