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Originally Posted by jart
Originally Posted by anonapersona
Do not be drinking enough to be unaware of your surroundings.
i don't think you'll find this quotation emblazened on many college dorm walls. :P

thanks, lads. we'll see how much time we have. i'll print your replies as a reference.

alex, does the aquarium you spoke of have many planted tanks? sure, nature aquarium world is inspiring, but first hand would be nice...

another reason to enjoy international travel: was looking on ebay today at a filstar xp3 for $100 us. thought, why not? after all, big al's has them on their canadian site for $210 cdn. however, they're only $90 us on the american website. so, my scheme is to order the filter from the us website, have it shipped to the bride's house in new orleans, then take it back on the plane. makes you wonder, why would someone in the us buy a filter on ebay for $100 when you can buy it mail order for $90. any room left on the pimp squad?
Why not save yourself $10, order it from Big Als, and have it shipped to NO?
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