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My 29g Obsession

Hello -

This is my 29gallon which is always a work in progress.

Currently have 1 betta, 15 cardinal tetras, 1 cory, 1 BN pleco, 3 nerite snails, and 3 Amano shrimp. Will be putting about 20+ cherry shrimp and rili shrimp in next week.

5lb Pressurized CO2 from GLA with solenoid, and atomic diffuser
24" Hagen GLO T5HO fixture with 1 6700k, and 1 10000k bulb
Lights on 9 hrs a day (CO2 comes on 1hr before lights come on)
Aquaclear 50
Koralia Nano 240
EI dosing with Seachem product line

Currently working on getting that riccia to fill in on the slate, and rocks. The baby tears in the foreground are always a pain, and consistently try to float.

Let me know what you guys think, and if you have any suggestions to improve my scape!

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