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Originally Posted by Wasserpest View Post
Interesting! The last pic is a good action shot. The crypts look like C. lucens or willisii or some mixture of them. Some of them are planted a bit deep IMO.

Personally I am not into the plants-in-pots idea. I used them before trying to keep certain plants under control, but it never worked that well. I mean you can spot feed individual plants whether they are in pots or just planted into the substrate. Transferring aquatic plants isn't a big issue, cutting some or half of their roots off usually doesn't bother them (compared to terrestrial plants/trees).

And if you slow down on the feeding a bit , there won't be that much need for vacuuming the floor.

Photos are good!
Thanks! The tips you gave me really helped me make the best of my photography with my crappy camera. I'm looking at a Nikon D5100 or a Canon EOS REBEL T3i Black...just a lot of money at the moment.

The potted tank is kind of a hodge podge. It's a staging area for plants that out grew my 90 and will eventually be sold back to my LFS. And my small guppy farm, it grows enough guppies I don't have to pay for fish food anymore, just trade with my LFS. This tank is my play tank, I try things in here before attempting them on my 90, thus the pots. My other tank is a dirt tank, so transplanting is sort of difficult. The Crypts are Wendtti or whatever (that's what they said on the package, lol)...the plant I can't figure out is the one immediately above the female guppy all by itself.

That feeding was an attempt to get the damn fish to hold still for the camera, they normally don't get fed like that, lol. I must have taken 40 pictures, the scrimp and the betta shots are the only decent ones. I have a little tuxedo wearing guppy, but that little fool would not hold still!
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