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Originally Posted by Vadis View Post
Around here the word is that shrimp (unspecified kinds) are hard to keep and must be kept separate from fish. Is any of this true or am I to gather from previous remarks that some varieties do well with fish.
Some shrimp are very easy (RCS) and some not so easy. As far as shrimp and fish, the only fish that is considered completely shrimp safe are otos. All others, it just depends on the shrimp and the fish. It's safe to assume that if you mix them, you will loose at least babies. So fish obviously will devour shrimp any chance they get, others may completely ignore them. Also, mixing them, you are much less likely to see your shrimp as they will spend much of their time in cover. I have a 75g tank. I had some tetras and I added some shrimp. I had a CO2 mishap and thought I killed off all the shrimp as I found some dead and didn't see them anymore after that. Couple months later, I decided to remove the fish and shortly after I discovered I actually had about 50 shrimp in my tank once they started coming out again.

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