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Originally Posted by msjinkzd View Post
They are pretty much identical in behavior to dario dario. Very bottom 1/3, hide near plant bases. A very unassuming fish. I think they would be fine with your other fish, though the food competition could be an issue.
Thanks for the reply. Yeah I was afraid of that, not really something I want to have to deal with. I have a food competition issue with a GBR that my ex thought was just too adorable to resist but doesn't fit in any of my tanks.
Probably the wrong thread but do you think the rapashy foods with the more constant food source would help with that issue or will the more boisterous fish still just eat it all. I have been thinking about giving that a try with my shrimp; my only concern is that I've heard over feeding shrimp can cause them to die. Do you still do the constant food source with them as well or just enough for them to eat in 3 hours?
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