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Watch out for this place

This place is bad news. Unless you are a heavy spender or in good with the owner you get treated horribly. They don't care bout their guest nor employees, and their animals. I was a regular for 7 years but the [censored][censored][censored][censored] I have seen from the owner got to be too much. The way he runs the place, treats the customers, treats his animals and so on. 99 percent of everything you read about this place that says anything nice bout them is posted from friends or the owner him self or his web site admin. The owner only cares bout his money which would explain the outstanding prices of everything in the store that you can go anywhere else and get it half the price for the same product even after his sale. You can go to online stores pay the shipping on live stock and still come out cheaper. If anyone has noticed that is a regular to the store they used to only have 2 sales a year one at Christmas and one during the fair. Now they have sales every other month due to his business falling. Please be advise if decide to enter. You may consider on taking a bank loan out if you do decide to buy a feeder fish. Think its a joke walk in and ask around for some prices and be sure to ask each employee because you will get a different price depending on who you ask on the same product mentioned. Ever wonder why there isn't any prices listed on anything because they price the live stock on how they judge you when you walk in the door. Well you have been warned. Please proceed with caution if you dare.
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