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Here is the tank how it stands now. It will be broken down in May though so I can move it home for the summer.
All of the plants are from my 2.5g except for the java fern. it is hard to see but there are 4stems of Blyxa japonica in the back left corner. All the others I had went to a member here in college station. It was amazing how many stems were in my 2.5g.

I forgot I had the java fern so I had a hard time attaching that after the tank was full of water. I got it stuck in rocks in some areas and loosely tied in others so I'm hoping it will take hold.

I'm not very happy with how the wood looks but I'm going to see if it will grow on me. It seems when I try to scape a tank it doesn't look good but when I throw a tank together I really like it. I might eventually take the wood out and put some bigger rocks there and and some hydrocotyle in between them and put the java ferns on the rocks. It is just hard to use stem plants since this tank moves around.

The moss that is in this tank I dipped a few weeks ago in h202 to get rid of some staghorn. I had done this before with no problems but this time it seems to have given me dead spots in the moss. That could be a cause or lack of light could be another since it was packed tightly into my other tank.

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