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2.5 Planted

So I have a 2.5 gal tank just begging to be started. Here's what I have so far.

Tank- 2.5 gal
Lighting- 13 watt Fluval PC Fixture or Modded 9x2 watt Coralife PC Fixture
Substrate- Flourite
Filtration- Red Sea Nano HOB

So, how do I stand? I'm still debating on plants. If I can find DHG Belem I would prefer that for a carpet. Otherwise I'd like to do mini micro sword for the foreground. I've also got a nice piece of driftwood from SnS that fits perfectly in the 2.5 so I'll put up a picture later today of that. As far as other plants probably some Anubius Petitie on the driftwood plus some ludwigia arcuata. I might also do Blyxa japonica as the background plant, since it does get thick and beautiful. Other suggestions are welcome.

As far fish I'll probably be moving my betta from his one gallon into this. I know he'll appreciate the increase in swimming space and the great change in scenery. I've also got a question for all those running azoo palm or red sea nano filters: what do you run in them? I've seen home made filter packs for them or people run just filter floss or filter pads. I'd like to run both a filter pad and maybe some form of biological filtration like Fluval's Biomax.

Thanks for reading and I'll get pics posted.
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