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Paslm18.2 ~ The dark red one is a coleus I think, very red from the top and fuchsia from the bottom. I took a clipping from a house plant I have and it actually roots very well on the raft, the other one is Pilea Grandifolia, the lighter lime green tinged copper plant - Then the third with a bit of pink vein color is another Pilea but I don't know the name of it. Are those the ones you're asking about? I need to write down all the names as I keep forgetting them! Oops..

Hydro ~ thanks! One of the Panda's is from you and the other is one I found locally, it seems to be variegated? The older Panda is still in my other tank and it's finally sprouting a few new stalks at the base. I think I will trim it in another few weeks and move it to this tank. The one stalk is very tall and falls over so the side of the smaller tank is holding it up for now, lol.
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