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Duff's 2nd Riparium

After Many months, I finally got this one up and running! Finally...

The tank is 24"x14"x14 and the front panel is starfire glass. Now that it finally has plants and water in it, I am totally in awe of the clarity. it makes my other tanks look like my 66 year old windows in my house. No matter how I try to clean them, their just too old to look sparkly. Here's the info:

Eheim Classic 2211 Filter
2 BoostLED PAR 30 Lamp Kits
Hydrophyte's Ion Brick Substrate
75w heater

Various plants
and in the process of moving my fish over from my 20T. (Chili's, Pygmy Corys and one LFBN Albino Pleco) I only moved 7 chili's and 4 Corys this weekend to let the tank settle in a bit more.

I also have wood soaking and it's very close to sinking, so hopefully next weekend I'll be able to add it to the tank as well, along with the rest of the fish.

I made one fatal error - I did not go with black silicon Live and learn. I covered the back and sides with black cling vinyl and have a bit left over so, I think I will cut 1/4 inch strips to cover the ugly seams from the front...

I'm still playing with the plant placement, so its a work in progress and not the final lay out. Once the wood it is, it will get changed up again. I also add a few stem plants from my other tank that will be used around the wood.

Here are the most current photos:

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