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Originally Posted by kwheeler91 View Post
I wouldnt worry about the "stump" lol, I like the hole and if you do too who cares. Definitely needs more headstones though, would be a pretty lonely graveyard with 3 stiffs I love the idea here, very fun! What plants are you gonna use? Hopefully some dwarf hairgrass, would look awesome like an old overgrown graveyard. You could paint little pictures of white skirt tetras on the stones lol. maybe some green shrimp in there too?
Thank you. I personally like the "stump" and adding java moss to do a "cave" of sorts. I thought it would be interesting have little critters come out of the java moss, like long forgotten bodies in a cave. haha

I plan on it adding more headstones. I got the rocks at the local fish store and I lucked out on them. lol

I am going to do DHG. I have a dark green Wisteria for the background for the "Tree". Java moss on the stump. I also have a Lilaeopsis, not sure on the exact one, I was going to put in there. I also thought about getting some Downoi for this thank. But I love any suggestions.

Green shrimp might be interesting. Hmmmm...I may have to try them.

I still need another small back of sand to build around the "Tree".

Just my animals: 0.2 Cornsnakes, 0.2 Bearded Dragons, 1.0 Water Dragon, 0.2.1 Crested Geckos, 1.0 Tiger Salamander, 2.0 Anoles, 0.0.2 Red Eared Slider Turtles, 0.0.1 Map Turtle, 0.0.1 Hermit Crabs, 1.0 Hamster, 1.0 Rabbit, 0.1 Horses, 2.2 Dogs, 0.2 Cats, Chickens, Ducks, Oscar Tank, Planted Bowl, 2x 10 Gallon, 2x 0.5 Gallon, 5 Gallon, and Planted 25 Gallon Tank....Is that it?
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