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Time for an update

Starting to notice the growth. Little bit of diy CO2 seems to be helping with minor algae problems. Also increased the flow by adding removing the ac70 and adding a 50 and 110 to the already established aquatech. Maybe soon I can sell all these and buy a canister. Trying to sell off tanks, plants, fish and equipment so I can buy nicer things for one tank and not have 5 tanks half a$$ed. The spiralis isnt getting as bushy as I would like. This plant has veen my bane ever since I got it. It will explode into ten leaves then slow way down it seems like.

Put all the fish out of the 40 into the 55 and bought two SAE. Lots of activity now and the loaches and cories come out more.

Going to start dosing EI when my ferts get here. Still dosing excel but wont use flourish comprehensive anymore.

Customary fish pics:

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