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*Zombie Moan* Bbbbrrraaaiiinnsss.....

Hush, Zombie! Let me talk!

I know everyone is so excited about the... Zombie Aquarium. I used the dead tree with an overgrown graveyard as my inspiration for this lovely adventure.

What got me wanting to make a zombie tank was someone posting about how cool it would be to take the new Electric Green Skirt Tetras and make a zombie tank. Well it got me thinking they do look like radioactive zombies. Thread on the tetras is here-->Glofish Electric Green Tetra!

So I posted a discussion thread Here looking for help and I found it.

A special thank you to:

gordonrichards for the post on the skirt tetras
NWA-Planted for the wonderful piece of driftwood.
And to anyone who posted on the discussion thread!

Well....HERE IT IS! Well so far...

No plants yet, I still need to get my lights. I will be doing a dry start. I also need some more slate pieces for the gravestones/tombstones. The wood has a giant hole I know. But I plan on wrapping Java Moss around it doing an overgrown cave entrance.

Let me know what you think!
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