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Nokturnalkid's "Insert Fancy Name Here" 6g rimless *5/22 updated

Long story short, moved across the Pacific, sold all the stuff, and pretty much hobby was done. Until, the other half suggested getting a tank. Woo hoo. After much thought, finally decided on a rimless nano(actually turned down the option to get a bigger tank). So, enough chit chat and on to the stats

Tank: Shuber Wright 6 gal (16"x8.75x10.5")
Filter: Finnex PX-360
Light: ML 1624 (1x24w Pc)
Co2: 20oz paintball via Matheson 8-320 with post body from bettatail diffused by glass diffuser
Ferts: EI with diy tpn
Substrate: Up Aquasoil(be here in a few days)
Hardscape: Red lava rock and manzanita from tom barr
  • Pfr
  • Rotala 'Gia Lai'
  • Rotala Green 'narrow'
  • Rotala Wallichii
  • Ludwigia Red
  • Synoganthus Belem
  • Synoganthus Maunus
  • Downoi
  • Erio Parkeri
  • Staurogyne Repens 049
  • Hydrocotyle Verticillata 'Japan'
  • Fissidens Fontanus
  • Mini x-mass moss
  • Mini pelia
Snapped a few quick pics of the equipment. Will update when the fancy dirt comes in.

I know how much you guys love those shots of boxes and packing peanuts. Lol

Tank in its new home in the corner of the counter in my kitchen

Co2. First time using a dsr and that matheson is HUGE.

More updates to come...

Schuber Wright 6 gal
Mr. Aqua 11.4 g...coming soon
30gal Journal - RIP

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