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*Prepare Frozen Food
*Dose Aqua Vitro (av) Envy
*Dose Microbacter 7 (reef)
*Mist emersed setup
*Top off pond

*Dose av Activate
*Dose av Synthesis
*Check Parameters/Specific Gravity (reef)
*Check co2 level (planted)

*Saltwater Water Change
*Freshwater Water Change
*Dose Marine Max (reef)
*Clean Protein Skimmer (reef)
*Scrape all tanks for algae

*Dose av Activate
*Dose av Synthesis
*Trim Plants
*Mist emersed setup

*Prepare Frozen Food
*Water Change Cichlid fry tank
*Water Change Goldfish pond
*Water Change Lowtech Planted (40g)
*Trim emersed setup
*Clean Pond Filters
*Mix Fresh saltwater
*Give all Buckets Vinegar Baths
*Trim a replant all tanks

*Shrimp tank waterchange
*2nd lowtech planted water change (14g)
*Run RODI top off brute barrel (44g)
*Fill 20 gallon jugs with RODI water
*Sit and watch fish
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