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Originally Posted by pejerrey View Post
Where is the "ignore" button for all the spam? Lol! Joking!

Keep it up Frank! I decided I will try the ADA method as described in your thread to have the experience of it. I have other tanks with other methods but I want to try yours.

Where do I find detailed info about the additives and substrate components? I'm curious to know what exactly is in them and how they work.
While the purpose of this thread for me isn't to plug product, (rather, to I enjoy teaching technique and methodology, and if I knew of any alternative products I'd list them) I won't object to directing to as a direct source.

Onto other things:

I listed out a lot of these techniques i'll be using here in the thread Dantra linked.

For the record, it's totally okay for you to have objections or skepticism. I don't hold it against anybody for supporting what has worked for them. What I am showing is what has worked for me, time and time again and eliminated most of the problems I had before. A good example is I can't tell you how to grow plants in eco-complete, I have a good idea, but I haven't done it for myself so I cannot judge on those methodologies.

We all reach a point in our aquascaping skill set where we have to challenge what we thought we knew, re-evaluate and establish a skill set that will allow you to create the aquascape you -really- want to create.

If your aquascape isn't all that great, do not be afraid of that fact (look at my first post again! there were more blunders than successes on my path to really learn and master technique). Admit it to yourself! Say "hey, my aquascape kind of sucks, I want to be better," and sure enough you will open your mind to the very things that will enable your further advancement. If you're totally okay with how your aquascapes turn out already, that's great - and I envy you for it, since I am constantly of the mind set to improve it.

When you can fully embrace your current skill set and the desire to learn more, you will be unstoppable. I guarantee you that Amano himself continues to learn. All Masters in any field never stop learning, so don't ever stop! You should be a master. You deserve to have a planted tank in your home that looks like the ones in the pictures.

Most people who can make that basic admission to themselves (the only thing that really matters), will advance their skill by leaps and bounds.

What is the Point?

This isn't a sales thread, or even an ADA thread really (hard to believe that one, eh?), this is an informative thread from the aquarium in my home, not in a gallery. It will include techniques I use, both ADA and non, to achieve cool scapes. This thread only contains information which I use that works 100% of the time. I've got nothing to personally sell you or otherwise. All of the equipment used here I personally purchased before taking over ADA-USA at ADG (albeit, the Wood Cabinet Stand was a gift from Jeff Senske).

Why am I doing it in a how-to fashion for a journal of my personal aquarium at home?

Because I love you guys here at TPT and want to see a bunch of other badass scapes being produced! It's more inspirational to look at other's work in many regards than your own. So get cracking on those layouts and sling up those journals. Post them here even for feedback!

P.S. if you've found these techniques valuable, help share the information with new comers by linking back here in your own journals when you use my techniques!
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