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Chlorophile, the reason I asked for proof that it doesn't work is because it is deemed as a proven system. The proof is Mr. Amano's Gallery that has been running for years. Perhaps I didn't make that clear. Again I took it for granted that people would put that together.

I understand what you mean and how you feel however looking forward despite the misunderstanding I'm still looking for the data that debunks the "ADA Substrate System".

Hopefully someone can provide us with said documents.

Originally Posted by Chlorophile View Post
There are 10 kinds of people, but 5, 6, and 7 are the same?
Why not say there are 8 kinds of people?
Allow me to clarify, when I said 5,6 and 7 are the same, I meant that they for the most part do things almost the same way. Not entirely identical but similar enough nonetheless. I guess I didn't make that clear either.


Originally Posted by Chlorophile View Post
Edit: Some people need proof something doesnt exist/work to not believe in it, I need proof that it DOES exist/work before I believe in it. God, Psychic powers, medicine, fertilizer, etc, etc, etc.
I guess you overlooked the sentence referring to proof being provided whether it works or not. Allow me to quote myself.

Originally Posted by dantra View Post
The “ADA Substrate System” may very well create a reaction in the substrate that benefits it, may benefit it a lot, very little or not at all, I simply don’t know. I say show me the data proving either or.
Hope its clear now,
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