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Originally Posted by Couesfanatic View Post
Dantra good point.

IMO, I think everyone is upset by the method used as proof. I mean the picture posting. But can you blame anyone for supporting their company and product line?, of course not. I don't think Frank was meaning to "fool" anyone by his pictures, as some implied. He was simply showing his tanks and how he feels it works.

Like you, I would love to see some data, although I doubt it has been studied.

I wasn't upset nor offended. Instead of putting things into perspective, people nick pick at the most obvious things. They contribute nothing to the discussion instead berate and attack the messenger with their snide comments.

Do I think he was intentionally trying to pull the wool over anyone's eyes, absolutely not. It was just an example. People get with the program. Sometimes we take for granted that people know what we mean or our intentions but somehow that doesn't transfer well and looses its translation in the forums.

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