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Originally Posted by Dollface View Post
What is even the point of this post? It seems like we have this additive drama in almost every single thread that Frank talks about them and it's useless. Frank is detailing here how he sets up a tank with the full ADA substrate system, and how it works for him. If you don't want to Believe In The Heart Of the Penacs, Yugi! you don't have to, just use regular old AS that's been proven to grow plants well over and over. Frank says the full system works better for him, and you know what, I believe him. He's only set up almost a dozen tanks using ADA substrate and presumably has a pretty solid comparison point for with and without additives by this point.
Not making any comment on the additives.

It's as plain as day that you can't compare those two tanks root shots, to pass those off as proof is insulting.

Maybe if it were the reverse, and the hc had root growth like the hair grass and the hair grass also had root growth like hair grass always does...

If I put rocks under aquasoil and plant hair grass and then just use aquasoil in another tank and plant hc, and claim the rocks are why there is a dense mat of runners an roots in the hair grass tank, would that be okay with you, would you close your eyes and applaud?
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