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Originally Posted by Dollface View Post
Wow, TBH I wouldn't even blame Frank if he just abandoned this thread now, and the entire forum at this point. No matter what you think of ~magic ADA additives~ or what, he's still bringing a lot of valuable info to the table and he gets attacked with petty grudges over camera phone pictures. You flaunt your ADA tanks and AS, yet still attack an US ADA supplier for what, using and promoting his product line?

If you really want to debate the merits of the additives, calling him condescending and then childishly invoking "the PC police" (Which doesn't even apply to this, jeez) isn't the way to go about it.
Whoa whoa whoa, no one ever said anything about the information he brings us. No need to put words in peoples mouths, no one attacked him for using his product or marketing it. Go read the words said, is someone not allowed to point out the simple facts that are in the pictures HE uploaded. They are different pictures of different plants used to promote one product and the fact that he made it seem differently is what started his customers to post their feelings. I mean, we are all his customers and therefore should be given straight forward facts. And lastly, me bringing up the pc police had nothing to do with frank, it was to the person who came in saying how we should appreciate what he's doing ect ect when our statements had nothing to do with him in any way.

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