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Originally Posted by Ptjameso View Post
I love long ones (thats what she said) ....but seriously I want to see someone do an awesome stream type setup in a 12 long please


Originally Posted by dasob85 View Post
ADA has the marineland double bright 36' long on his tank. I dont think he uses co2 though.

I got it too but i'm still in the dry start phase. on day 6 and my HC does seem to grow under the light if that helps. I do plan on putting co2 on my tank. Its rated to have 54 par at 12 inches by the manufacturer.
I do have that light, yes.. I love it. Absolutely love it. (so much that I bought two of them.. haha)
I have had lots of success growing plants. If anything, this light is too bright for low tech.. be careful, or you end up with LOTS of algae. Having said that, my shrimp tank has never had Co2 so I have not tried it as a high tech.
As low tech, I've had to raise the light quite a bit, and only have about a 7 or 8 hour photoperiod. Finally got the algae under control and everything seems to be nicely balanced.

Originally Posted by shrimpnmoss View Post
If you cut the CO2 that'll be good for the shrimps, but your precious Erios might slowly melt away.
I was thinking the same thing. I'm 99.9% certain you can't grow any type of erio without Co2.
I do grow some "high light plants" in this tank though, like HC, Blyxa(spelling?), and a few others, and they grow VERY slowly, but do grow.

Originally Posted by sockfish View Post
So what filters are people using on these--I guess I'm taking a poll. I know I want this to be the cleanest looking of all my tanks--I don't want to see any green tubes or black boxes for filters or heaters. And I'm not going to settle for anything less, I'll just wait until I can afford it.

I'm guessing I need a canister filter with clear tubing and lily pipes. Do you usually get the lily pipes separate after the other stuff so you know what size? Any advice out there? Looks like a lot of you are doing it right!

thanx sox
Definitely a canister. I'm not so sure about lily pipes. Because it's such a long tank, it's not easy to get the water all flowing without any dead spots. I had an Eheim 2213, and I didn't feel like there was enough flow. I tried a few different things with that, one was splitting the intake and outflows, so there was an intake and an outflow at each end, to try to create a slow "whirlpool" effect. Just wasn't enough power in that filter even for that. I also tried a long diy flow bar, which worked okay.
I'm now running a Fluval 306, which is incredible. LOADS of flow/power, (too much in fact) but the great thing is, you can adjust the flow with a lever. I think even a 206 (or 205/305) would be fine.
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