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Sollie's 4g Finnex Build (back in the hobby)

Guess im getting back into the hobby took down the 2.5 gal I had temporarily set up and set up the finnex today.


Finnex tank

Aquaclear 20 (actually about perfect flow, surprised me )

Eheim Jager 50W Heater

Aquatraders Beamswork 12" Led Fixture


Mineralized Soil w/ Flourite cap (very mineralized, from my 17 gal I tore down awhile ago)


Just java moss and a couple Java ferns for now. I plan to get a couple Amazon swords and maybe some stems.


I plan to get more plants and driftwood/stones and maybe a pressurized paintball co2 setup.

Probably Red cherry shrimp and a few small fish or maybe a cool betta not sure might just do plant only so I don't have to do water changes as much. Im also using ro water so its not like it restores nutrients anyway.

Tank itself, I painted the back black



Flourite Barrier

Adding the mud

Flourite top

Peroxide soak of driftwood and plants from 2.5


Little cloudy I could have washed the flourite more

liken the flow

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