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Anybody local looking for seiryu stone?

I have about 10lbs of seiryu stone sitting in my house that I won't be using anytime soon. I don't have a means of uploading pics currently, but this should be remedied by the weekend.

If anybody is interested, let me know...I'd be inclined to let it go for $35 for local sale, as I don't have time to ship these days.

I boiled and soaked all of the rocks earlier this week. There is probably some remnants of GSA on the top of 2 rocks that were sitting directly under the light in my tank...I was lazy and didn't scrub. 3lbs out of the total 10lbs was used in my nano tank, the rest was unused since receiving them last year and are squeaky clean. Most pieces have a max length of about 6 inches...they're definitely sized for a smaller tank.

If there's enough interest in smaller quantities, I'd be willing to work out some deals and break up the lot at $3.50 / pound. I mention this now, because since they're sized for a smaller tank, you definitely don't want to cram all 10 pounds in a 10 gallon tank...tested this myself and the TDS definitely creeps up after a few weeks. I had 3lbs in my 6 gallon tank for 1 year though with no issues.

Sorry for those looking for shipping, local only for the time being since work is way too busy these days.
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