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Originally Posted by hedge_fund View Post
Hey, can you tell me about your lights?
-did you have to build them yourself?
-are they considered high light?
-how much did it run you?
-what is the PAR?

I have a 20 gallon high shrimp tank with some mosses that are thriving. Looking to upgrade to LED and the one that caught my eye is the AquaIllumination NANO...the only confusion is how the heck would I mount it above my tank.
The lights are Ecoxotic Panorama Freshwater modules. The modules themselves are made to mount to a flat surface, like inside a hood. I used a 30"x6" piece of glass, drilled mounting holes, and mounted the modules to the glass. The two end bolts that they are mounted to are threaded eye bolts, and i hang the whole shebang from a wall mounted bracket.

They are right on the border between medium and high, at 60-70 PAR at the substrate. I wouldn't go any higher with the light personally, one imbalance in Co2 or ferts starts a major algae outbreak very quickly (found that out the hard way).

The entire setup broke down about like this:

2x Panoramas: $180
6"X30" piece of glass cut and finished at a glass shop: $6
Misc bolts, washers, nuts, hanging hardware: $10-15
Glass drilling bit: $5
Couple hours of piddling around with it

Total: ~$200 + couple hours of time.

Originally Posted by 2in10 View Post
Very nice change
Thanks! I will get new pictures up as soon as i get my regulator back (my dual stage crapped out!!) and the addition of Co2 kills off the algae farm this thing has turned into with the absence of Co2. I easily have three times the stems i had in there before, things just shot up like crazy. The HC has almost completely covered all remaining substrate.

LED Lighting Compendium
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