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Originally Posted by FisheriesOmen View Post
Not sure what the purpose of the first 95% of the thread was(was pretty confusing) but they looked good and can't wait to see your tank planted. I would suggest getting rid of the first part of the post and just get straight to the point. Good luck on your mixed carpet.
Thanks for the valuable feedback. I've rewritten a bit of it to make it a little more clear. Make sure to read over the initial post again for gems.

Originally Posted by Warlock
where do you get all the cool stone!!
Honestly, Warlock, most of the stones that I've used I've collected over the years through swap n shop or a few various ADA shipments (I've yet to utilize any of the Ryuo stone, as I like to select pieces for people which I would feel comfortable using myself and this is the most popular type).

To be completely honest with you though: many of these stones are rather "dull" upon first glance (especially in the Mini M I will take us through on this journey), however the trick is knowing how to arrange them and use them. Which I will be covering.

Originally Posted by salmon
Frank, very interested in watching this. Not any easy thing to do by any means, I pulled out half my hair trying to trim my mixed carpet recently. I find the mixed styles to appear much more natural, like something that would actually be found in the wild opposed to a placed and "kept" feel.

Watching this for sure! Keep us posted
Salmon, you will definitely want to take a pen and paper out and take notes and do the "homework," assignments i'll leave at the end of each major update. These are valuable secrets to success with the planted tank, which you will not find posted or written anywhere else.

Originally Posted by aegis32
Frank, very interesting to see how your aquascaping skills have developed.

It's a good reminder for those who try to emulate the beautiful tanks of Mr. Amano and others that everyone had to start somewhere and learn along the way. When I think about this hobby, more and more it strikes me that I'm less drawn to an final destination of a "finished" tank than to the journey of trying to get there.

Can't wait to follow along and learn some new things!
Aegis, we all start humbly! I think you will learn, as others who I am sure are feeling the same sentiment as you posted, that we all face the same challenges and roadblocks. Even Mr. Amano did.

Originally Posted by manikmunky
Very encouraging thread, thanks for posting it and the pictures of the early tanks, "failures" and works in progress. It's easy for those of us still starting out to get disheartened when we see some of the amazing looking aquascapes and lush planted tanks out there. Now I have to remember I'm aiming to get that good, eventually, but not overnight
Make sure to do the homework assignment at the end of the first post! You will find your way to success here.

Originally Posted by jcgd
Ah yeah. I've been running my mind over this issue for the last year or so, trying to figure out how I would incorporate a variety of foreground plant into a layout. It's awesome that I can watch to see what happens with your experiences. Do you have a plan of attack in mind? Did you have a style that you are striving for, such as crisp barriers or plants overlaying each other, or are you just wingin' it?

I'm pumped for this.
jcgd, you will definitely want to be following and taking notes, I'll give you a teaser on the plan in the next post. As we go through the learning process, make sure to ask questions and save yourself headache! Most people who ask questions when learning about the planted tank and are open to being taught, master these concepts very quickly.

P.S. if you've found these techniques valuable, help share the information with new comers by linking back here in your own journals when you use my techniques!
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