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Originally Posted by Ptjameso View Post
Beautiful tank kind of the color and textural contrast.
Thank you!

Originally Posted by BoxxerBoyDrew View Post

Plants are growing in great! One thing I would watch is the plant in the front left( I can't remember the name! duh me!) because it will spread like WILD FIRE!!! I just pulled it from my 55g, and it was everywhere in less than a month! I started with only a few small pieces that came with some stems I got from the SnS, and after about a month of it getting settled in it took off, and went CRAZY!!!! It had runners all threw my Water Sprite, crypts, lud. and covered a Moss Ball! I did neglect my tank the last month, and didn't trim as I usually do, but when I started to trim it tonight, that stuff surprised the heck out of me!

Anyway just a warning!

Tank looks great though!

Keep up the good pics too!
Thanks, yeah I trim the Hydrocotle a lot, it spreads fast and tries to grow up toward the light.

Originally Posted by wabisabi View Post
Looks like it's filling in nicely. Is the current fixture a 2 bulb fixture? Sorry I don't know much about current fixtures.
Thanks! I have trimmed a lot and moved plants around a few times. Yeah its a 2 bulb fixture (i added more info to the lighting in my first post, thanks for catching that).

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