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First scape, Marina Style20

My 18g Hagen Marina Style20, still a noob at scaping so be kind.

Date Started: 26 November 2011

Size: 18g/68L; 24"x12"x15"

Lighting: Current USA Nova Extreme T5HO 36" fixture 2x39W, 10000K/6700K bulbs

Equipment: Eheim 2217 w/ modified spray bar

Pressurized CO2:
Matheson 3852 regulator
Nupro SS-2MG-MH metering valve
Nupro B-2C4-1/3 check valve
Boyu inline diffuser

ADA Aquasoil Amazonia I

Modified EI dosing w/ DIY ferts

Bolbitis heudelotii
Clinopodium cf. brownei
Cryptocoryne crispatula 'Balansae'
Cryptocoryne wendtii 'brown'
Cryptocoryne x willisii 'lucens'
Hemianthus (Micranthemum) micranthemoides
Hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
Ludwigia sp. 'red'
Microsorum pteropus 'narrow'
Rotala macrandra 'mini butterfly'
Rotala sp. 'Thailand'
Rotala sp. 'Yao Yai'
Staurogyne repens

Otocinclus sp. (only 1 so far)
Hmmm, what else to add...

And now the pics:

11/30/11 (4 days)

12/15/11 (19 days)

12/17/11 (21 days)

01/22/12 (57 days)

03/12/12 (107 days)

EPC #329 - VPC #59
Marina Style20
20L - P. axelrodi, C. macracanthus, H. ocellifer, T. albonubes "gold", Stiphodon sp. gobies, Sailfin mollies
16BF - T. albonubes "gold", A. dolichopterus, Ps. gertrudae "Aru II"

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