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Radioman's Mini-M Journal (Update 10/10)

Finally I have decided to upgrade from my 2.5g and move to my Mini-M that has been decommissioned since 2008.

Tank: ADA Mini-M
Substrate Fluval Plant Stratum
Inhabitant: RCS for right now and my single otto. Probably some Nerites.
Plants: Java moss, java fern, anubias nana, blyxa japonica (very green tank)
Equipment: Paintball co2, aquaclear filter
Lighting: 13w cfl maybe 27w cfl not sure yet. 13w might be enough since It was bright on this tank when I previously had it setup.
Ferts: macro and micros EI method.

Tank back in 2008

Preparing the wood.

Trying to figure out the scape. The wood will b e further to the right and lower down.

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