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The 20g Shrimptopolis begins.. (need background plant suggestions!)

3/25 Update


After a while of planning this project is finally started, turning my boring, empty 20g Long into a Shrimptopolis in which they will breed and scuttle around plants and do whatever shrimp do. Yep, fun stuff. Future inhabitants include S+ grade CRS and maaaaaybe some painted fire-red cherries. Maybe.

Plant list (so far)
Creeping jenny (far right corner)
Rotala (unknown species, in between the two rocks)
Wild Rotala-like plant found in a river (on the right of the big rock)
Mysterious plant noone can identify, which has a thread here and is in the middle of the tank, towards the right of the rocks)
Anubias nana "mini"
Anacharis (far left)
Red ludwiga (behind the rocks, you can't see it yet)
Cryptocoryne Spiralis (far right)
Riccia fluitans (on slate)
Some random little plants as well...

Black sand came in the mail today and it was actually REALLY clean! I didn't need to wash it or anything.

The current state after a while planting/ My diy CO2 generator is actually working! I feel so proud

Again that sand was rediculously clean, the water isn't even cloudy.

Lots of growing-in to do, but hopefully by the time I have enough baby CRS to populate it, it will look awesome and forest-y and there will be max. space for them to roam. Better pix to come! As soon as all the bubbles go away

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