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Originally Posted by Aquaticz View Post
I have a question or two as I am totally new to this idea/concept so I want to make sure I get it right. I have a few tanks ( ok more than a few..LOL) that I need to do weekly water changes which totals a tad more than 100 gallons a week. I want to eliminate chlorine and chloramines. Here are my questions
1. how long or how many gallons can one expect to treat with one CCB?
2. What do I need in order to attach this to a garden hose bib.
3. Can it be installed inline on a garden hose
Any other pointers?
4. Can it be installed under a sink
5.Does house water pressure affect the unit? What is suggested?
Thanks for your anticipated reply
Hi Aquaticz, thanks for your interest,

Please give us a call about the garden hose installation - a technician can explain it quite quickly and clearly and probably will have a couple questions along the way. Our toll-free number is 1-888-942-0226

Each filter is rated for 1000 gallons of pure water production. Since you said that you would require a little more than 100 gallons weekly, about 1000 gallons (as rated) of pure water, a little less than 10 weeks worth

Our units are definitely installed as under-sink systems - it's is the most frequent install of our home reverse osmosis systems by far (aquarium RO system use often involves larger drum-style tanks)

House pressure definitely affects water production; below 50 PSI is low and production might be affected; below 30 PSI is unworkable. In such cases you would want to use a booster pump.

Don't forget that if you do choose to order, PlantedTank members get 5% off with the discount code during checkout.

Thanks again, and please call us re: garden hose installation.

Best Regards,
Dan w/ Aquasafe
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