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Arrow Benibachi Shrimp Food

Hello friends.

Benibachi is a manufacture of high end products for special shrimps like Crystal Bee Shrimp, Taiwan Bee, Black Diamond Shrimp as well as other popular caridina/neocaridina species. Benibachi is currently the sponsor of The International Shrimp Contest. Many pro breeder in Asia and Europe have chosen Benibachi products as their main supply.


It is a fine, slow sinking powdery food designed for juvenile shrimps, promote growth and molting.
Mix in water and pour into main tank for best and easiest feeding effect.
Contains: Kelp powder, spirulina, yeast and calcium, vegetable protein, natural extraction vitamin other things
Weight: 20g.

Benibachi SP Food -- $22.99

Benibachi SP Food is a meat based product specially formulated to enhance and deepen the colour of the shrimp.

Contains: Kelp powder, beer yeast, calcium, animality protein, vegetable protein and natural extraction vitamin, mineral and pigment.

Weight: 20g

Benibachi Kayle Tablet -- $18.99

Benibachi Kayle Food is a high quality crystal shrimp food made from 100% organic kale which is very high in beta carotene, vitamin K, vitamin C, lutein, zeaxanthin, and reasonably rich in calcium. It improve growth and immune system of the shrimps.
Weight: 30g - 120 tablets.

Benibachi Red Bee Ambitious -- $18.99

BENIBACHI RED BEE AMBITIOUS is madeof organic kales and other ingredients that contain minerals and enzyme that promote growth of shrimps. The food dissolves slowly which can be eaten by juvenile shrimps.
Weight: 30g.

Benibachi Gold Food -- $18.99

Benibachi Gold Food is the premium food caridina species. Made from 100% natural ingredients it boosts both colors and growth. Due to its high calcium content it also promotes a thicker shell giving better coloration to the shrimp.
Weight: 30g.

BENIBACHI Golden Food -- $19.50

BENIBACHI Golden Food is a special products for keeping diamond shrimp (golden eye blue tiger shrimps, black kingkong) which promote growth and enhance the color of the shrimp.

Weight: 30g.

BENIBACHI Golden Mineral Food -- $21.00

BENIBACHI Golden Mineral Food is a supplementary food specially designed for golden eye and black diamond shrimps. Thicken the shelves and improve the immune system of shrimps. It is rich in calcium and magnesium and should not be used excessively as PH and GH may increase.
Weight: 30g.

for further information of our product line please visit us at

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