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Originally Posted by diwu13 View Post
Ah I see. Yea because the wood looked like a solid piece which would block all the light :P. You don't have to worry about posts/guides for the light as it won't move around at all if it's just resting on the hood, but if you'd like it wouldn't hurt.

I think you could get a can of epoxy for cheap, black as well, and painting the wood/braces with that would match your screen/speaker/mouse. Just a thought!

And I have the logitech mx revolution mouse as well ! So good haha. I didn't figure out there was a button under your thumb until I installed the "setpoint" program.

I Do still need to cut the hole for the light to pass thru, but considering I was making all of my cuts the other day with a cut off wheel on the dremel...I may just wait a bit to do that up.

I don't have anything to put in this tank yet, so I'm really not in that big of a hurry.

I'm thinking of either just sealing the wood with a clear sealant, or....I've really enjoyed a lot of the ADA style flat/semigloss cabinets I've seen I dunno which way I'll end up going.

Thanks for the feedback.

ps- I like the MX Rev too. It was a replacement for another Logitech mouse that crapped out on me. Called up Logitech support, and within 2 weeks or so, had an upgraded mouse, as the one that quit on me, they didn't have parts for anymore. Nice work Logitech.
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