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DIY - Fluval Chi hood / CFL stand

I've been lurking on the forum for about 2 months now, and it's doing nothing but driving the girlfriend insane.

I picked up a Fluval Chi 5 gallon from the local PetSmart for 35 dollars, and wanted to make some sort of hood/cover/stand for a cheap CFL setup. If nothing else, it gave me something to do on a Saturday. Cheers....Here's the photos.

It all started with this:

I got it home, and it sat for a few days. I decided I didn't want to use anything other than the tank on this off came the light/filter and the mount that was epoxied on the back of the tank:

Friday night, I get the idea, and stores are to Michaels quick, and get some thinner 3/16" plywood, almost like balsawood. I'm not sure how this'll hold up in the long run...but if it fails, I could always make something out of thin gage stainless at work. I guess I'm considering this my cheap test project. Heh.

I'm currently looking for housing, but stuck in the same apartment I've been in, the last 5yrs. Needless to say, my workbench is my kitchen/breakfast table area.

Also, I have zero woodworking tools, clamps, or anything of the sort, so here's what I was working with.

I'd lay the mat'l down, and place two 25lb weights on it, and cut straight edges with a dremel cut off wheel. Sounds honky as all getout...but apparently I have pretty smooth handwork as all of the cuts turned out pretty well.

I've never kept a planted tank before, but have just barely started dabbling with an amazon sword in my other chi in the kitchen. I really like the idea of more of a planted tank...and this is going to be my testbed.

After I got the boards cut, I marked off, and drilled holes for the corner braces. I'm sure I went overboard, but it was fun and I definitely lost track of time.

The rest of the pictures:

looking up inside the tank, you can see how the corner braces work with the bolts to sit on the edge of the tank.

Sitting at my desk, it'll be easy to watch from here.

From light source to bottom of tank, I've currently got approx 17" in depth. From light source to water is more like 6".

I've got nothing in the tank yet, and probably won't for a while. Baby steps for teh noob. Hehe.

Lighting: 6" diameter clamp style worklight, 13W Sylvania 6500k CFL

Thoughts? Criticism?
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