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Well, some great news for my 20 long...Due to the size, I went with 12 Celestial pearl danios right off the bat. The tanks been running now for a few months with only a substrate change. All my test results were 0 and 20 ppm on the nitrates, not to bad at all. I'll try and get some shots when the lights come.

While at the not so local fish store, 95km from my home. They had pigmy corys, 80% of my tank is black flourite sand with some regular flourite in the back corner. My question is, whould that be an issue with them? Or would I be ok to add about 6 in a couple weeks when I pick up some shrimp for this tank. I've read that they stay mid to bottom of the tank and are not shy, may act like a dither fish for my CPD's.

My plants are showing great signs of growth and are looking nice and healthy.
Would a DIY c02 pose any issues with a lack of 02 over night? I dont have a lot of surface movement to help with most of the c02 staying in the tank and not gassing off.
I have a small air pump, do you think it would be best to have on during lights out just to be safe or would I be fine as is?

Thanks for looking, any feedback or suggestions would be great.
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