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I hope to find some driftwood today. I'm not quite sure where will be a good place to look for it. My first thought was to go to the greenbelt and check along the river bank. Also, I thought maybe Eagle Island State Park. Maybe Lucky Peak reservoir. I don't want to have too go to far to find some good pieces.

Primarily I want a big piece for a new 37 gallon column tank that I have on order with the local fish store. The tank dimensions are 20x18x24.

I think it would look great if I found a tree stump maybe 4 to 6 inches diameter for the trunk. With roots on it and setup in the tank to be the central focal point, I think would look good. Hopefully there will be so much to choose from that the problem will be finding enough room in the trunk of the car to get it back home.

Hopefully, whatever I find will already be seasoned long enough in the water to not have to boil it to remove the tannins. How do you boil that large a piece of driftwood? My pressure cooker worked well for small driftwood bought at the fish store, but the best I could do with a large piece would be to soak it in a trash can.
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