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Updated MACI Raffle Items!

We spent some time today getting the Mega Raffle, Entry Raffle, and Workshop Raffle all organized. The following is what has been committed so far.

WOW! We didn't realize how much had come in. Thank you to all of our supporters and sponsors. Attendees and guests - please stop by these exhibitors tables at the show or check out their linked websites when considering your future purchases in an effort to say "thanks".

Oh, and don't forget to buy raffle tickets!

Donated by Reef Hatchery & Imports -
Platinum Clown Fish

Donated by Friends of CMAS -
JBJ nano aquarium and 2 flame wrasses

Donated by Central Pets -
75-gallon reef ready aquarium and stand
75 Gallon Coralife Cone Skimmer
29 Gallon Coralife Biocube
1000 Kent marine supplements

Donated by -
1000 door prize bags

Donated by -
$1000 raffle donation from Marine Geek

Donated by Seachem -
$300 raffle items from Seachem
Provided Coral Dip for Build-a-Reef-Ball Workshop
4 aquavitro salinity 120 gallon bucket
2 aquavitro salinity 225 gallon bucket
4 full set aquavitro reef supplements in 1 L size
- alpha
- balance
- calcification
- eight.four
- fuel
- ions
- vibrance
3 sets Reef Fusion 1 and 2 in 500mL size
3 sets Reef Fusion 1 and 2 in 1 L size
3 sets Reef Fusion 1 and 2 in 2 L size

Donated by Phyto2 -
3 one gallon Phyto2 prize packs

Donated by Marineland -
Marineland 45 gallon cube, stand, and hood
Magnum 350
In sump 100 gallon skimmer
2 Maxi-jet 900 Pro
12 calcium booster
12 natural nitrite reducer
12 reef accelerator
Instant Ocean Reef Master Test Kit

Donated by Bulk Reef Supply -
Deluxe BRS Reactor + a gallon of GFO

Donated by Rod's Food -
5 multi-packs of Rod's food

Donated by Tropic Marin -
6 packages Elimi-phos 200g
6 packages Elimi-phos 1.5kg
6 packages Elimi-phos Long life 100g
6 units Liquid Bio-Calcium

Donated by Vertias Controls -
$100 Gift Certificate

Donated by Captain's Corals -
120 Watt LED light
Premium Corals

Donated by Premium Aquatics -
Vertex IN 100 Protein Skimmer

Donated by Zero Edge -
45 Gallon Zero Edge Cube, Sump, and Stand

Donated by Paradise Corals -
Pink & Purple Watermelon Paradise Chalice

Donated by Finnex Aquarium -
LED Clip on spot light

Donated by Total Pets Plus -
Bucket of Tropic Marin Salt
25 lbs of dry base rock

Donated by Flipper Cleaner -
Flipper aquarium cleaner

Donated by Exotic Aquatics -
28 Gallon JBJ Nano Cube and Stand

Thank you for all of the contributions.

The proceeds from this raffle will help to fund the show and fund CMAS future events.
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