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Originally Posted by eelpout View Post
Since I got no response here, I bought 3x23watt/6500k (100 watt replacement) and 3x13watt/6500k (60 watt replacement) CFLs.

I'm new and confused about the light I need for a low tech tank. One of those charts seemed to say I needed the 23 watt to reach my substrate. Reading previous posts here seemed to indicate that the 23 watt is too much and I will have an algae problem.

Have you started your own thread? You might get more answers if you do. I wish I could help, but I actually came here looking for answers to my questions as well.
The forum lighting GURU is Hoppy, you could PM him with specific questions. He has taken the time to answer me in the past, as I'm sure he has many, many of us!
Good luck!

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