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About a month ago i decided i wanted a fish tank again. so i went all over town looking for a 15 or 20 starter kit, i ended up at some [censored][censored][censored][censored] hole saltwater store, where the guy offered me a used 29gal (30'x12'x18 1/2')with every thing but sand and fish. so began my journey.

my first purchase was a Rangeri sword, a Gold Gourami(no name yet), a dwarf Blue gourami(no name yet), and a Blue ram (rufio).

a week later i bought a couple red lava rocks (super exciting right?) and a water sprite(Yeah! i'm really rocking now)

over the next few weeks i bought more plants that have no idea what they are called, and more fish.

i so far have bought 3 flower shrimp. two suicided out of the tank because i was over feeding flake food and brought my nitrates up waaaay to high. so no i have one, who is currently lost in my tank somewhere.

i have become a shrimp addict and after mass genocide on my first batch of cherry shrimp( i turned off one of my pumps, for a few hours because i have two rated each rated for up 20 gal) and as it turns out shrimp like to crawl inside things. so when i turned on my pump again shrimp soup filled my tank. it was sad. so i bought more. currently i have about 15 cherry shrimp, one bamboo flower shrimp, a few ghost shrimp, and i jst picked up 4 blackcherry shrimp last night.

i noticed rufio looked a little lonely so i got another blue ram (tink). i also got a 3 neon zebra danios(the three stooges) and two dwarf Cichlids (blue and yellows).

then i began feed frozen foods, spirilina brine shrimp and bloodworms. it turns out that these foods make gold gouramis go all aggressive on your ass. he ran that tank, my dwarf blue started bleeding color and never left a tiny corner unless he was being chased. everyonemostly hid from the gold. so back to the store he went. i traded him for some plants, waaay less aggressive.

i have photos of my tank in my profile, they are already a little outdated cus my tank changes once or twice a week. i get bored.
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